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Seasons: Path of Destiny

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Number of Players 2-4
Playtime 60 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Régis Bonnessée
Publisher Libellud
Base Game Seasons

Seasons: Path of Destiny, the second expansion for the game 'Seasons'. Come, Mage, and discover your destiny! Deep in the Forest of Argos, the battle rages on between the Kingdom’s most powerful sorcerers, each convinced of their glorious destiny.
Making their burning desire a reality will need bravery and determination. Although, destiny is a fickle mistress...

Introducing 20 new Power cards (2 copies of each card) like the dangerous Argosian Tangleweed, the powerful Chalice of Eternity or the mysterious Sepulchral Amulet! There are new cards with abilities changing the core of the game in interesting ways, like blocking someone else's familiar, re rolling the die not selected by any player or straightening once-used card (for 1 crystal) to use it again this turn. The main power of this expansion focuses in the concept of the Die of Destiny.

Once per round, a player can take a die from the menu as usual, but instead of using its effects, roll a Die of Destiny. The bonuses from this die are generally less than those of seasons dice, but it allows the players certain number of destiny tokens. The player with most tokens by the end gets +20 prestige (in other words, whoever relied the least on the stronger, seasons dice). This expansion is independent on the first one (Seasons: Enchanted Kingdom) and brings more variability and some new concepts to your plays.

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