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Scrap Racer

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Queen Games
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Number of Players 2-6
Playtime 20-45 Min
Suggested Ages 8+
Designer(s) Anika Richter, Sebastian Richter
Publisher Queen Games

Scrap Racer is a push-your-luck dice game that is suitable for either novice gamers or seasoned veterans looking for a raucous experience.

You are a daredevil Scrap Racer who knows only one objective: Win the race—no matter how dangerous it gets!

A race lasts for three laps, and whomever is leading the field at that point will be the winner. Every racer needs boldness, tactical skills, and some good luck if they want to be the winner at the end of the race.

On a turn, the active player will roll up to six dice (one at a time) and advances their racer according to the results. But be careful! If you roll doubles, you must take a crash card and anything can happen—depending on the double you may get a boost or be slowed down, letting others catch up. However, you can get bonus cards for repeated doubles that can make up for lost position, if used correctly.

Using the unique abilities of the racers and collecting Boost markers, players can manipulate the outcome of the race to their advantage. On top of all of this, the players may have to fight for track position. Whenever two racers share the same space, a duel occurs to decide who will advance by one space and who will stay.

Finally, crossing the finish line shuffles the racers’ positions due to the effects of the goal cards.

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