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Scoville: Labs

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Number of Players 2-6
Playtime 60-90 Min
Suggested Ages 13+
Designer(s) Ed Marriott
Publisher Tasty Minstrel Games
Base Game Scoville

What's he cooking over there? In this expansion for Scoville, each round you'll have the option to combine peppers in your lab- possibly making peppers that the other players don't have access to yet! Add in some extra recipes and extra pepper-meeples, and you'll be extra-ready for the great chili cook-off!

Scoville: Labs is an expansion that has few components, but adds significant depth to Scoville.

Each player receives a 3x3 lab on which they can additionally "plant" peppers. You collect cross-bred peppers based on what is next to a new pepper when you put it into your lab. Nobody else can play on your personal lab board, and no one can move through it to produce peppers either. With more planting to do, each player begins with a second "plant 1 extra pepper" token.

Scoville: Labs also comes with extra wooden peppers, new recipe cards, and pepper multiplier tokens.

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