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Salem 1692

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Facade Games
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Number of Players 4-12
Playtime 25-35 Min
Suggested Ages 12+
Designer(s) Travis Hancock
Publisher Facade Games

Accuse and defend your fellow townsfolk as you attempt to hunt down the witches of Salem. Act quickly, before conspiracy turns you against your own.

The year is 1692, and it is a dangerous time to live in the town of Salem, Massachusetts. One wrong step, or one misplaced accusation, and you could find yourself the next witch to hang. "Salem" takes players into this perilous world and lets them re-live the politics, tension, and religious extremism that still has people talking about it 300 years later.

The game is packaged in a faux book box that shuts magnetically. The game, disguised as an old worn out leather book, can easily hide on your bookshelf and masquerade as an antique.

Players may play as prominent villagers from the old Salem town, and even read their bios in the instruction manual. The servant girl Mary Warren, farmer John Proctor, pastor Samuel Parris, storyteller Tituba, and beggar Sarah Good are some of the 12 characters featured in the game.

Players, each acting as one of these unique characters, are dealt 3-5 Tryal cards (depending on the number of players). These Tryal cards reveal the true identity of every player, "Witch" or "Not a Witch."

During gameplay, players will gather cards that they use to accuse, or defend, other players. Deciding who to trust is key to survival, since you cannot play a card on yourself. When you suspect someone to be a witch, you can start accusing them with red accusation cards. When enough accusations have been put on one of the players, the player who lays the final accusation selects one of that player's Tryal cards to reveal. Once all "Witch" Tryal cards have been found, the villagers of Salem win the game.

Players can also use green and blue cards such as "Alibi", "Matchmaker", "Stocks", "Asylum", and "Scapegoat" to help or hurt their allies or enemies.

As players draw cards, they eventually draw black cards that take immediate effect. One black card, "Night", forces all players to shut their eyes while the Witches choose someone to eliminate and the Constable chooses someone to potentially save. The other black card, "Conspiracy," forces all players to take a face-down Tryal card from the player sitting to their left. Killing witches quickly is critical, otherwise "Conspiracy" may soon have the whole town turned evil.

Before long, accusations will be flying, and shouts of "She's a WITCH!" will wake the neighbours. Will you be the hero who purges Salem of witches, or will you be wrongly accused and hung for witchcraft? Or perhaps you will be a witch yourself, escape conviction, and raze Salem to the ground.

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