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Rising Sun: Kami Unbound

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Number of Players 3-5
Playtime 90-120 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Eric M. Lang
Publisher CMON
Base Game Rising Sun

Kami Unbound is a new ruleset which allows the presence of the Kami even more potent and vital in Rising Sun! Typically, the influence of the Kami is restricted to the bonuses each of them give during the Kami turn, granted to the Clan who has the most Shinto worshiping them. With Kami Unbound, the Kami will have their own figure, which begins the game in a specific Province. While no Clan worships that Kami, the figure just sits there, watching over the mortals' actions. However, as soon as one of the Clans commands one of their Shinto to worship that Kami, they take its Kami power card (an all new component), placing it next to their Clan Screen to show that they have the favor of that god. While you have the favor of a Kami, its figure counts as one of your figures. It can be moved when you Marshal and counts as 1 Force to your Clan when choosing Harvests and Battles. Also, being the powerful forces they are, Kami can never be Taken Hostage, targeted with Betrayal, or murdered! More than that, the Kami card lists a unique power the player can choose to activate. To use the Kami power, the player must Consume one of the Shinto they have worshiping that Kami. In an overwhelming demonstration of faith, the Shinto is taken from the Temple tile and returned to your reserve (though not technically killed). When this is done the power on the Kami card is activated, giving its controller the power! However, players can lose the favor of a Kami, either by Consuming one of their Shinto to activate the Kami power, or because another player recruited more Shinto than them to that Kami (or is tied for Shinto but has more Honor than them). If this happens, the Kami card, and control of the Kami, immediately passes to the new player who now gets all the benefits of having the favor of that Kami (including being able to activate the Kami's power!).

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