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Ripple Rush

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Stronghold Games
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Number of Players 1-5
Playtime 10-15 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Ken Gruhl
Publisher Stronghold Games

How many spaces can you fill on your scoresheet in Ripple Rush, a fast and easy flip-and-write game? In the game, you have your own player sheet, which contains four columns of symbols (square, circle, triangle, hexagon), with eight symbols in each column. To set up the game, adjust the deck so that it has twenty cards per player, with the cards being picked at random. The full deck has one hundred cards, with 25 cards for each symbol numbered 1-25. On a turn, each player pulls a card from the deck, then (if possible) you write the number on that card in the column matching the depicted symbol. Numbers must be put in columns in ascending order so that within each column each number is higher than that below it and lower than whatever is above it, but you may skip spaces in the columns when entering a number. If you can't place your card's number on your player sheet in the correct column — e.g., you draw a blue 14 and you have no open spaces between a blue 11 and a blue 15 — announce this to the other players before they write down the number on their own card and place your card in the middle of the table. After they write their own number, they may also write your number on their score sheet, if possible. If you finish a row of symbols, then you immediately get the bonus on the left edge of the player sheet, either a number (5, 10, 15, 20) that you can write in any valid column or a symbol that you can fill with any valid number. At the end of the game, for each column you score points equal to your longest connected sequence of filled-in spaces. In the advanced format, you draw two of the eight bonus cards, each of which shows one of the rows on the player sheet; for each of these two rows that you fill in completely, you earn bonus points.

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