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Capstone Games
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Number of Players 2
Playtime 20-30 Min
Suggested Ages 10+
Designer(s) Carlo Bortollini
Publisher Capstone Games

The Rifts forever changed our world. Villages were ripped apart, Riftforce emerged from it and spread across the land. What seemed lifeless before began to rise and wake. Flames left campfires and waves rushed out of their riverbeds. Even the sun and the moon leave their footprints in the ground.

We learned how to control those living elementals and created guilds to perfect this knowledge. While competing for Riftforce the guilds forged temporary alliances to share their unique abilities and protect the access to the Rifts.

Now it is your turn! Select your guilds, combine their powers and rush into battle. Gain Riftforce from the land you control and all the elementals you destroy until you have enough to rise into a higher state of power.

In Riftforce, the two-player duel card game, each player begins by drafting four of the ten different guilds, each with a unique power, to forge their own asymmetrical alliance. Each game of Riftforce gives you a chance to discover new synergies between guilds which will greatly influence your overall strategy and strengths. Can you combine the flexible and mobile water guild with the all-consuming fire elementals who will even harm their allies and unleash their full potential?

The guilds’ elementals are the lifeblood of the game - they are your troops and at the same time also the resource necessary to attack. Soon you will find yourself wondering how to best use them. Every turn you are torn, choosing one of three possible actions. Do you want to strengthen your position at the Rift, sacrifice elementals for powerful combo attacks or marshal support for your next turn?

Obtain Riftforce by destroying the elements of your opponent and by controlling locations along the Rift. Only then will you ascend and win.

Explore new synergies between the different guilds, clever gameplay combos and the deeper layers of strategy will keep you coming back to enjoy the game again and again.

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