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Res Arcana

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Sand Castle Games
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Number of Players 2-4
Playtime 20-60 Min
Suggested Ages 12+
Designer(s) Thomas Lehmann
Publisher Sand Castle Games

In a high tower, an Alchemist creates potions, using vials filled with otherworldly fluids. In a sacred grove, a Druid mashes herbs for a mystical ritual. In the catacombs, a Necromancer calls upon a bone dragon... Welcome to Res Arcana!

In this world, Life, Death, Elan, Calm, and Gold are the essences that fuel the art of magic. Select your mage, collect essences, craft unique artifacts, and use them to summon dragons, conquer places of power, and gain victory!

Designed by Tom Lehmann and beautifully illustrated by Julien Delval, Res Arcana brings a unique gaming experience!

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