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Rebuilding Seattle

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Number of Players 1-5
Playtime 60-120 Min
Suggested Ages 12+
Designer(s) Quinn Brander
Publisher WizKids

The great fire of 1889 has burned down most of downtown Seattle, and you are city planners tasked with rebuilding it. Manage economic resources to improve neighborhoods, construct new buildings and iconic landmarks, and address the needs of an ever-growing population to make Seattle better than ever!

In Rebuilding Seattle, you are responsible for managing the zoning and expansion of a major neighborhood! Every round your population grows, and you can either build a new building, expand into a new suburb, activate an event, or build a landmark, before earning profit based on your neighborhood’s commerce. You will buy building types from a shared market, looking to find shapes that fit your grid, and types that fit your strategy. Triggering citywide events can alter the tide of the game, offering points, money, and expansions for the players ready for it. You can even enact laws to give yourself the advantage! At the end of the game, whoever’s neighborhood has earned the most points for the winner!

Build! Carefully fit buildings into your neighborhood grid, and build landmarks on the right tile combinations.

Expand! Suburb tiles connect to your grid however you desire, creating uniquely shaped neighborhoods!

Score! Earn points for building types, upgrades, events, landmarks and remaining cash!

Rebuilding Seattle also includes a Solo Player Deck so you can still compete to build the best version of Seattle even with just one player! Enjoy gameplay against a deck created to simulate the actions of a second player to discover strategies and configurations you can use to improve Seattle!

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