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Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid – Villain Pack #3: Legacy of Evil

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Number of Players 2-5
Playtime 45-60 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Jonathan Ying
Publisher Renegade Game Studios
Publisher Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid

“Evil such as mine cannot be contained forever.” —Thrax

Want some brand new bosses? Thrax brings a terrifying strength and sorcery to the battle, while Divatox has her own aspirations to conquer Earth. How about some new monsters as well? Pirantishead will hijack the Zords, Terror Toad will eat the Rangers whole, and the legendary King Sphinx will blow them all away!

Needs Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid to play.


  • Test yourself with two new Bosses: Thrax and Divatox!
  • Brings three new monsters: Pirantishead, Terror Toad, and King Sphinx!
  • Expands the award-winning game Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid!


  • 3 Monster Figures
  • 3 Monster Deployment Cards
  • 24 Monster Enemy Cards
  • 2 Boss Figures
  • 2 Boss Deployment Cards
  • 16 Boss Enemy Cards
  • Rule sheet
  • Replacement Card Pack
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