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Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid - Legendary Rangers Forever Rangers

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Number of Players 2-5
Playtime 45-60 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Jonathan Ying
Publisher Renegade Game Studios
Publisher Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid

"We need Thunderzord power now!" —Tommy Oliver

The Power Rangers have upgraded their Dinozords to the all-new Thunderzords! Adam Park, Rocky DeSantos, Aisha Campbell, and Kat Hillard have arrived in Angel Grove to take the fight to the next level, and Alpha 5 is ready in the command center to provide helpful advice to the new Mighty Morphin team. Evil won’t have a clue what hit ’em!

Needs Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid to play.


  • Upgrade Dinozords to Thunderzords!
  • Comes with all-new combat decks and character sculpts!
  • Broadens the award-winning Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid!


  • 5 Ranger Figures
  • 5 Character Cards
  • 50 Combat Cards
  • 6 Zord Cards
  • 2 Megazord Cards
  • Rulesheet
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