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Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid – Shattered Grid

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Number of Players 2-6
Playtime 45-60 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Jonathan Ying
Publisher Renegade Game Studios
Base Game Power Rangers: Heroes of the Grid

Lord Drakkon, an evil warlord from an alternate reality, is threatening Power Rangers from across time and space! The Rangers must team up to fight and defend our world from his tyranny. Only by working together can the Rangers thwart his evil plans.The Shattered Grid Expansion includes new heroes and foes. The HyperForce Rangers, along with their mentor Jen Scotts of Time Force, team up with Lauren Shiba against the inter-dimensional plans of Lord Drakkon. His sentient warrior Zord, the Black Dragon, and the corrupted Ranger Slayer lead an army of Mastodon Troopers to take over the Morphin Grid itself! Gear up and save the world! Go Go Power Rangers!


  • 7 Ranger Figures
  • 7 Character Cards
  • 70 Combat Cards
  • 8 Zord Cards
  • 12 Foot Soldier Figures
  • 10 Foot Soldier Deployment Cards
  • 10 Foot Soldier Enemy Cards
  • 2 Monster Figures
  • 2 Monster Deployment Cards
  • 16 Monster Enemy Cards
  • 1 Boss Figure
  • 1 Boss Deployment Card
  • 8 Boss Enemy Cards
  • 3 Location Boards
  • 1 Rulebook
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