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Poetry for Neanderthals

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Exploding Kittens
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Number of Players 2-12
Playtime 15 Min
Suggested Ages 7+
Designer(s) Elan Lee
Publisher Exploding Kittens

Poetry for Neanderthals is a competitive word-guessing game where you only give clues by speaking in single syllables. So, instead of saying "broccoli," you might say something like "green thing you eat for live long and have good health." If you mess up and use a big word, such as "vegetable," you get bopped on the head with a NO !Stick and you lose points.

The aim of the game is to score the most points by correctly interpreting words and phrases. The chosen Poet beings the game with a Poetry Card and tries to get their teammates to say the listed word, using only words with one syllable within a 90-second time limit.

The team that scores the most points is the winner.


  • 220 cards
  • 1 inflatable NO! Stick
  • 1 sand timer
  • 2 point slates

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