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Number of Players 2-4
Playtime 30 Min
Suggested Ages 8+
Designer(s) Citie Lo
Publisher Amuza

Each person plays as a chef in the famous Italian restaurant 'Amuza'. Customers all over the world reserve a table to come and enjoy their favorite pizzas.

Each customer has specific wishes and preferences. Cater to their wishes and score points by baking and serving the desired pizzas to the correct customers.

4 dice are rolled and sorted onto colored spaces on the game board, these determine how far your pawn may move during each action. Players pick a matching colored location on their personal board to play down 1 ingredient card. The card and die combo determines the number of spaces their pawn can move and which type of ingredient token can be added to top the pizza where the pawn ends its movement.

Once all players have simultaneously taken 3 actions and put toppings on their pizza slices, they have a chance to serve a waiting customer. The customers are very picky and will only eat certain types of pizza.

Serving the customers the type of pizza they want, in a timely manner, and as often as possible, leads to victory.

After 6 rounds the person with the most victory points is the most beloved pizza chef and wins the game.

Playing the advanced mode adds bonus tiles that introduce a variety of new ways to score points throughout the game.

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