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Petrichor: Honeybee

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Mighty Boards
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Number of Players 1-4
Playtime 20-80 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) David Chircop, Dávid Turczi
Publisher Mighty Boards
Base Game Petrichor

The second expansion to Petrichor strengthens the game: bringing a new action, a new resource (honey), 4 new tiles, and a huge bee to fly around!

Pollinate your apple trees, your blueberry bushes, or your watermelon, collect more honey than other players, and use the bee to slip into tiles where nobody expected you to get to!

The Honeybee expansion is for 1-4 players (including complete solo support), and if combined with the Flowers expansion it also supports up to 5 players.

Petrichor just became sweeter.

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