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PARKS Memories: Coast to Coast

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Keymaster Games
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Number of Players 2-8
Playtime 30 Min
Suggested Ages 6+
Designer(s) Kyle Key
Publisher Keymaster Games

PARKS Memories is a strategic matching game for two or more players offering flexible and simple gameplay. Parks are symbolized in tiles laid out in a grid across the table face down. Gameplay consists of four simple steps: reveal two tiles; choose one of the revealed tiles and place it in front of you; add a new tile to the board; lock one of the tiles with the hiker token. Gameplay passes from person to person until one player or team has gathered three sets of matching park tiles in front of them.

Memories captures a depth of strategy in player abilities which may be activated by finding matches of PARKS resource icons when you reveal tiles. There are a variety of different ways to enjoy the game. Play on teams or head to head. Expand the grid size for a larger challenge, or simplify the game to a memory game without player abilities for younger gamers.

PARKS Memories: Coast to Coast is one of three editions of PARKS Memories, highlighting the various national parks in the United States with exceptional bodies of water in them. It features a novel set of player abilities. Collectively all three editions showcase every national park in the US.

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