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Z-MAN Games
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Number of Players 2-6
Playtime 45 Min
Suggested Ages 12+
Designer(s) Naoki Homma
Publisher Z-MAN Games

The characters of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland are participating in a Parade!

All players are creating the parade. Characters from Lewis Carroll's books such as Alice, The White Rabbit, and The Hatter are invited to join this odd procession.

On your turn, you place a card (from your hand of five) to the end of the parade. Unfortunately, that card may cause other cards to walk off the parade. These cards are negative points in the end.

The length of the parade is key. If the number on the card you just played is less than the line length, you can receive the excess cards (counting from last played to the first of the line). But you don't take all relevant cards, only the one that meet one of the requirements:

  1. the color is the same as color of the card played, or
  2. the number is the same or lower than the card played

The game ends when the draw deck is done or when one player has collected all six colors in their point piles. Then players place one last card. From the four cards left in their hands, players choose two cards to add to his or her point piles. The player who has the least negative points after this wins.

Typically, negative points are same as the number on the card. However, if you have the most cards in a specific color, each of your cards of that color counts as only 1 negative point!

Therefore, play your cards well!

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