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Now or Never

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Red Raven Games
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Number of Players 1-4
Playtime 90-180 Min
Suggested Ages 13+
Designer(s) Ryan Laukat
Publisher Red Raven Games

Far to the south of The Last Ruin is a cliffside village called The Monument. For generations, it guarded an ancient shrine until the day a crystal meteorite descended. The meteor's denizens slowly crept out into the world—bizarre monstrosities from nightmare, attacking anyone in their path. As they spread across the land, there was no intelligent malice nor grand invasion strategy; these creatures acted like a fungus—spreading into new territory sporadically.

After many fruitless attempts to expel the monsters, the citizens of The Monument fled as their village crumbled, exiled to distant lands, resigned to a nomadic existence.

Two decades later, there are rumors that the bizarre monsters are growing weak. They’re becoming slower, less impervious to attack, some undergoing a gradual petrification until they crumble to dust. Is it the air ? Are they dying from old age? Do they suffer from a strange malady? No one is certain, but as the news travels, various factions set their eyes on the vacant, ruined village of The Monument. The original villagers, now refugees, are desperate to return home and rebuild. But they must do it quickly, before someone else takes their home. This is their opportunity. It’s now or never.

In Now or Never, you and up to three friends will compete to best rebuild your ancestral village and guide the rest of the villagers on their journey home. Although the creatures of the meteorite have lost much of their strength, many of them still remain, and you must fight them off to protect traveling villagers. Now or Never is the third installment in the Arzium storybook series that includes Above and Below and Near and Far.

Now or Never is a competitive strategy game that lets you:

  • Pick one of four asymmetrical characters to play.
  • Rebuild the village so that the returning villagers have a place to live. You must carefully pick what and where to build to maintain an advantage, earning the biggest rewards for long-term planning.
  • Interact with other players by hiring their specialists to carry out special actions.
  • Fight dangerous creatures to rescue villagers.
  • Explore a fantasy landscape filled with strange places, technology, and peoples.

Now or Never comes with two modes of play: standard and story. When playing in story mode, you will read from a storybook when you explore, making choices and learning more about the characters and the world. Each character has their own set of stories, unique to the locations they explore and diverse in perspective, plot, and motive, allowing you to choose what direction your own story will take.

Travel to The Monument and help rebuild your ancient home!

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