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Ninja Academy

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Number of Players 3-5
Playtime 20 Min
Suggested Ages 8+
Designer(s) Antoine Bauza, Corentin Lebrat, Ludovic Maublanc, Théo Rivière
Publisher IELLO

As an apprentice Ninja, it’s time for you to demonstrate all your skills in challenging and exciting tricky trials. Will you be quicker, smarter, stronger…. or simply more concentrated than your opponents? Your training alternates collective trials and duels, in a series of tests drawn randomly. But whether you are challenging the whole group or head-to-head with another ninja, there will be only one rule: be the best at your trial! For example, try to be the first player to put a Ninja meeple on each of your fingertips! Try to figure out how many ninjas your opponent put in the box just by shaking it! Be the fastest to assemble 5 wood logs vertically! Be strong enough to gain points depending on your score, but be also strategic enough when you bet on the winner of each duel! Ninja Academy is a hilarious, quick-paced and highly replayable new dexterity game!

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