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Nine Tiles Extreme

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Oink Games
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Number of Players 2-4
Playtime -
Suggested Ages 6+
Designer(s) Jens Merkl, Jean-Claude Pellin
Publisher Oink Games

It is the "Extreme" version of "Nine Tiles" - now more chaotic than ever before! After having sold over 200,000 times, the popular board game "Nine Tiles" now has received an advanced version that is available now! Move and flip your 9 tiles to get them to match a given pattern.

While the basic rules of arranging tiles to match a theme card are the same as the regular "Nine Tiles", this version adds multi-purpose patterns that can be matched by either color or shape. Will you need to match the shapes this time? Or is it colors? Here comes the speed puzzle game that will mess with your brains even more!

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