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Night of the Mummy

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Jellybean Games
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Number of Players 4-8
Playtime 15-20 Min
Suggested Ages 10+
Designer(s) Peter C. Hayward
Publisher Jellybean Games

The Mummy’s curse has brought all the various exhibits to life and they’ve crashed the Museum of Unnatural History’s annual masquerade ball!

Night of the Mummy is a 20-minute game of logical deduction and hidden roles for 4-8 players aged 10 and up. Every player takes on the role of a classic monster at a masquerade party - identify and expose everyone else to break the curse and escape!

A standalone expansion to Dracula’s Feast: New Blood, Night of the Mummy improves upon everything you loved about the original - more roles, unique interactions, and a brand new mechanism: some characters hide while dancing, not revealing their roles to other players!

Best of all, it combines with Dracula’s Feast! Use roles from either game with the other for even greater replayability!

The game includes 10 unique new roles, as well 3 advanced guests.

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