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Neuroshima Hex 3.0: Troglodytes

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Portal Games
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Number of Players 1-4
Playtime 30 Min
Suggested Ages 13+
Designer(s) Marcin Zapart
Publisher Portal Games
Base Game Neuroshima Hex! 3.0

A faction expansion to Neuroshima Hex! 3.0 including Troglodytes with brand new mechanics and fresh challenges. This new army brings a big amount of fighting units and Battle tiles. Troglodytes easily adapt to the condition on the board. By cannibalizing their own units, they gain Satiety markers. Those with Greater Satiety can inflict more wounds, are quicker, more mobile and resistant. On the other hand sacrificing their own units exhausts their numbers and limits their ability to initiate a Battle by occupying an entire board.

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