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Nemo's War (Second Edition): Bold and Caring Expansion Pack #2

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Number of Players 1-4
Playtime 60-120 Min
Suggested Ages 13+
Designer(s) Chris Taylor (I)
Publisher Victory Point Games
Base Game Nemo's War (Second Edition)

The second expansion pack for Nemo's War, Bold and Caring, features 2 new objectives for Captain Nemo: Adventure and Humanist! As knowledgeable players know, each motive is like playing a different game!

Responding to the call to adventure, each Lull Turn provides 2 Actions and puts one of the new Adventure tokens in the just-rolled “doubles” Ocean. When the Nautilus executes a successful Search Action at that Ocean, you reveal and place its Adventure token. You may then go questing for that adventure and attempt to earn the big rewards it offers.

With the Adventure motive, you may also go about play with a new Nautilus Upgrade card: Diving Apparatus which helps you with all Test rolls for which you spend two Actions and helps keeps the Adventure Deck stocked with gemstones.

The Humanist motive sees Captain Nemo longing to better the plight of the common people. Potentially starting with the Hospital Machines Upgrade card, it gives the Captain to parley with ships at sea using “Diplomacy Attacks.”

Although Notoriety gains are a big problem, successful diplomacy gives you 3 courses of action: Further Diplomatic Relations, Create a Diplomatic Incident, or Gather Support for Your Good Intentions. Incitement cubes become “Goodwill cubes," and the more nations that you parley with, the greater bonus score you may earn!


  • 2 Nautilus Upgrade Cards (Diving Apparatus and Hospital Machines)
  • 1 New Motive Tile: Adventure / Humanist
  • 4 New Treasure Tokens
  • 1 Diplomatic Attack Token
  • 9 Adventure Tokens
  • 1 Rules Sheet

NOTE: You require a copy of Nemo's War Second Edition to play this Expansion Pack.

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