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Number of Players 1-2
Playtime 15-30 Min
Suggested Ages 10+
Designer(s) Shadi Torbey
Publisher inPatience

Nautilion, dice game in the Oniverse series!

Take the wheel of a Nautilion submarine and recruit a heroic crew to vanquish the treacherous Darkhouse that lurks in the oceanic depths. You must get to the Abyss, lair of the Darkhouse, before the Phantom Submarine (his henchman) gets to your homeland, the Happy Isles — but to defeat the Darkhouse, you must be faster than the Phantom Submarine, and you must also assemble the submarine's crew along the way.

Each turn, you roll three dice and give one to: the Nautilion, the Phantom Submarine, and the Darkhouse. The dice of the Nautilion and the Phantom Submarine move those figures along a path created by Crew tokens: the Nautilion from the Happy Isles towards the Abyss; the Phantom Submarine the opposite way. The crew token your Nautilion ends its move on, joins your submarine, the one the Phantom Submarine reaches is lost!

Only four copies exist of each of the nine different tokens, so you have to pick wisely which die you need and which you can leave to your enemies. (The Darkhouse doesn't move, but causes damage to you each time he gets a die with a high value.) Reach the Abyss with a full crew of nine different tokens, and win!

Five expansions are incorporated with the game, adding new crew members, powers, treacheries and challenges.

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