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Mystic Paths

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R&R Games
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Number of Players 2-6
Playtime 45-60 Min
Suggested Ages 12+
Designer(s) Brian Leet, Kevin Worden
Publisher R&R Games

In the deduction game Mystic Paths, players will be challenged to navigate paths through a labyrinth called the Eternal Forest. Every player's path is unique — and only you know the way. However, you cannot traverse the forest by yourself. Your teammates are required to open the sealed portals along each step. Give clever clues, hope your teammates can read your mind, and finish your journey!

To complete the journey, every player takes a turn providing clues about which portal is their next step. Every step can have up to five different portals, but only one is the correct one, so players give clues that relate (hopefully) to the correct next step.

The challenge is that the only clues available are the cards that have been dealt, so sometimes the clues may not relate to the next portal of a journey, which means you have to get creative. This is where you have to try to read the minds of your teammates. For example, the next portal on your journey might be the word "anteater", and your clues are limited to cards you are dealt, like scary, or tall, or handsome. Which would you pick as your clue?

The game takes place over five rounds. Beat the game by having everyone finish their own journey before the five rounds are over.

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