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Mystery Puzzle: A Recipe for Murder 1000 Piece

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University Games
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Number of Pieces 1,000
Difficulty Intermediate
Completed Measurements 23" x 39"
Artist -
Publisher University Games

A real whodunit mystery with a puzzling solution. Read about the dinner party hosted by famous chef Emile Adieu - six guests came, one of them, uninvited. Among them was the well-known Inspector Pierre Game ("Gah-may"), a good man to have around when a guest is poisoned before even tasting the fruits of the cook's labors.

Get acquainted with the party guests. It seems everyone had a motive: the accountant, the TV hostess, the attractive ghostwriter and the restaurant reviewer. But only one motive led to the murder. Then, complete the 1000-piece puzzle to see the clues the Inspector uncovered. Let your mind sift through the evidence and solve the mystery of A Recipe for Murder.

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