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My Farm Shop

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Pegasus Spiele
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Number of Players 2-4
Playtime 45 Min
Suggested Ages 8+
Designer(s) Rüdiger Dorn
Publisher Pegasus Spiele

Growing food in your own garden, keeping livestock yourself — self-sufficiency is all the rage, but operating an actual farm with a successful farm shop is a much bigger challenge than that.

In the family game My Farm Shop, players can live through that experience without ever eaving the house. Three dice are rolled on each turn. With one die, the active player pick a new expansion for their farm, and the combination of the other two dice dictates which field will be activated on the farm — not only for the active player, but for all others as well. The expansions enhance the actions that players use to milk cows, shear sheep, harvest honey, or collect eggs, and these raw materials may then be sold. In the end, whoever makes the most money wins the game.

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