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Museum: The People's Choice

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Holy Grail Games
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Number of Players 2-5
Playtime 30-60 Min
Suggested Ages 12+
Designer(s) Eric Dubus, Olivier Melison
Publisher Holy Grail Games

In this expansion, you and your fellow players can battle it out for public acclaim as well adding a 5th player to your games of Museum!In The People’s Choice, you’ll be vying for a common objective that is drawn at the beginning of the game. For example: The “B.C.” card rewards players with the most BC dated cards in their museum. The player with the most cards gets the People’s Choice token and keeps it until another player amasses a bigger collection.At the end of the game the player with the token earns additional bonus points! There are 10 different People’s Choice cards, each with different criteria: Date, value, regions and themes! Additionally, by public demand, this expansion also comes with the necessary material to play Museum with up to 5 players! This includes a Museum board and tokens for the base game, and all the elements necessary to play each of the expansions with up to 5 players.

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