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Two Lanterns Games
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Number of Players 2
Playtime 30 Min
Suggested Ages 10+
Designer(s) Brent Povis
Publisher Two Lanterns Games

The forests are old-growth, dappled with sunlight. Delicious mushrooms call from every grove and hollow. Morels may be the most sought-after in these woods, but there are many tasty and valuable varieties awaiting the smart collector. Bring along a basket if you think it's your lucky day. Forage at night and you will be alone when you stumble upon a bonanza. Hungry?, put a pan on the fire and bask in the aroma of chanterelles as you sauté them in butter. Need to scratch a mercantile itch? Sell porcini to local aficionados for information that will help you locate what you seek deep in the forest.

Morels, a strategic card game for two players, uses two decks: a Day Deck (84 cards) that contains ten different types of mushrooms as well as baskets, cider, butter, pans, and moons, and a smaller Night Deck (8 cards) of mushrooms to be foraged by moonlight. Each mushroom card displays two values: one for selling and one for cooking. Selling two or more like mushrooms grants foraging sticks that expand your options in the forest (that is, the running tableau of eight face-up cards on the table), enabling offensive or defensive options that change with every game played. Cooking sets of at least 3 like mushrooms – sizzling in butter or cider if the set is large enough – earns points toward winning the game. With poisonous mushrooms wielding their wrath and a hand-size limit to manage, card selection is a tricky proposition every turn.

Following each turn, one card from the forest moves into a decay pile that is available for only a limited time. The Day Deck then refills the forest from the back, creating the feeling of a walk in the woods in which some strategic morsels are collected, some are passed by, and others lay ahead."

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