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Monster Slaughter

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Number of Players 2-5
Playtime 45-60 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Henri Pym
Publisher Ankama

Overturn the script on 80’s horror movies with Monster Slaughter! This time, it’s your turn to hunt down and slay those unbearable teenagers who took refuge in an abandoned cabin in the woods. As the head of a family of monsters, you'll have to cleverly select in what order you'll eliminate your victims… and then begin the slaughter! Monster Slaughter is a tactical game inspired by horror movie classics, where players take control of a family of three monsters: father, mother and child, each with their own stats and family power. Their goal is to scour the cabin looking for five guests, find their hiding spot and “take care” of them! Each victim hides in a pile of cards that monsters search through to find them, collecting items and traps as they do. Once revealed, a guest’s miniature is placed on the board and can be attacked! However, each player has secretly set a killing order for these guests, and killing them in order is more points. They can use their item cards to protect the guests against other monsters or scare the victims away to other rooms, so the guests die in a more favorable order! Monster Slaughter includes a scenario book, giving new objectives and special rules to make each moonless night a new experience.

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