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Greater Than Games
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Number of Players 2-4
Playtime 30 Min
Suggested Ages 13+
Designer(s) Ben Rosset
Publisher Greater Than Games

Some of you might be wondering why this game box looks a lot like Brew Crafters Travel Card Game. You're not incorrect! This is a new and improved version, now called Microbrewers. There are three main differences between the new Microbrewers game and the original Brew Crafters Travel Card Game.

First, we've included two new card types: The Research Lab and the Tasting Room:

The Research Lab encourages players to brew specialty beers that use fruit and coffee and balances out the number of worker and equipment cards in the game.
The Tasting Room scores players end-game points for having a variety of different ingredients showing on your brewery upgrades. Adding these two new card types means players will see a greater variety of cards in your hand, making the decision about which card to play on each turn more interesting.
Second, instead of passing being the third option for the main action of your turn, players now have the option to draw 1 additional card, meaning players can add 3 cards to your hand on your turn instead of 2. This can be crucial late in the game, giving players the 1 additional card needed to make an epic brew or install a critical brewery upgrade on their last turn.

Third, the game lasts one round more. Now, when the game's end is triggered, players will finish the final round and play one more full round. This gives a more satisfying feeling of completion. It allows players to better plan for the end of the game and avoids the game ending abruptly without giving you the chance to take a final turn.

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