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Mazescape XP: Cryo-C (Preorder)

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Number of Players 1
Playtime 15 Min
Suggested Ages 8+
Designer(s) Pablo Céspedes, Víctor Hugo Cisternas
Publisher Devir

Mazescape is a clever and fascinating maze game for a solo player that will challenge even the most active minds. The Cryo-C version is created by Pablo Céspedes and Victor Hugo Cisternas, authors of Tesoros del Rey Pirata, and illustrated by David Yuyo Correa.

When the mainframe computer of the supply ship unexpectedly awakens from suspended animation, something is probably going to go wrong. You are still in outer space, there’s nobody by your side, and the central reactor’s alarm won’t stop sounding. Upon leaving your capsule you realize that everyone else has disappeared. Who, or better yet, what has abducted them? To find out, you'll need to sharpen your wits, patience and powers of observation.

The Mazescape saga adds a completely unique concept that fans of logic and puzzles will love. In this original game from Devir, you will place a map on the table and look for the compass rose as the beginning of the maze. Using the wooden stylus that comes with the game, you will trace the white pathways, maintaining contact with the maze at all times, and you will open and close sections of the map while hunting for the exit point of the Impossible Triangle. Pass under bridges, climb staircases, and keep your head from spinning until the exit point brings you to the next scenario.

Each Mazescape box comes with seven different challenges to face. The first maze is a relatively accessible challenge, and bit by bit the mazes become increasingly difficult until the final elegant explosion of pathways, which can only be untangled by the sharpest minds.

Moreover, each map comes with a series of secondary challenges that allow you to travel through a second time, giving each set of maps a high degree of re-playability. Search for all of the hidden treasures in the seven maps. The portable format is easy to play anywhere; all you need is a place to set the map and the stylus to start your journey. But take heed, nobody said that escaping from the labyrinth would be easy!

Mazescape Cryo-C provides the most advanced challenges of the Mazescape saga, including the most complex mazes to date. Do you think you are up for the challenge?

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