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Marvel United: Guardians of the Galaxy Remix

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Number of Players 1-4
Playtime 30-45 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Andrea Chiarvesio, Eric M. Lang
Publisher CMON, Spin Master
Publisher Marvel United, Marvel United: X-Men

The Guardians of the Galaxy have made a name for themselves traveling the galaxy, fighting for the helpless, righting wrongs, and occasionally wronging a few rights. But, by and large, their good deeds outshine the bad, and Ronan the Accuser has had enough of them! The Guardians have interfered with Ronan’s people, the Kree, in their self-proclaimed righteous wars for the final time!

Ronan ranks among the most formidable villains the Guardians have ever gone up against, and his master plan is as simple as can be: put an end to the Guardians permanently. In personal combat, even the trio of Star-Lord, Groot and Rocket Raccoon, have little chance against The Accuser wielding his godlike Universal Weapon. They must scramble their way from star to star, helping where they can, and thwarting Ronan’s minions wherever they can.

No where is safe for the Guardians so long as Ronan hounds their tracks. Their only hope is to gather enough strength to finally beat Ronan, or frustrate his plans long enough that he gives up the hunt. Either way, the Guardians of the Galaxy are in a race against the clock!

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