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Martian Fluxx

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Looney Labs
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Number of Players 2-6
Playtime 10-40 Min
Suggested Ages 8+
Designer(s) Andrew Looney
Publisher Looney Labs

It's a Martian Invasion-themed edition of Fluxx! Just as Zombie Fluxx draws on all those classic Zombie movies for inspiration, Martian Fluxx is about all those awesome alien invasion stories going back to the original, the War of the Worlds.

Some of the Keepers you'll find within Martian Fluxx: Mars, the Mothership, the Flying Saucer, the Tripod, the City, the Cow, the Ray Gun, the Space Suit, and the Tentacle.

The Tentacle? I hear you inquiring. How can that a good thing? Everything else sounds like great Keepers but what's good about a tentacle? Well, they're awesome if you're a Martian... which is what we are in this game!

In Martian Fluxx, players are invaders from Mars, and the Creepers are those pesky Pathetic Humans who are always getting in our way, keeping us from winning. Cows of course are Keepers since for Humans and Martians alike, they're good eating. There are actually two Cow Keepers in the game; if you have both you can win with the Goal "Two All-Beef Earthlings."

The idea of making players the Martians came about as I realized the Martians are the ones who get all the cool stuff! Other cool Keepers you'll find are the Abduction Chamber (which you can hide your Pathetic Humans in), the Space Modulator and the Mind-Control Transmitter. And yes, you may use that Ray Gun to vaporize Pathetic Humans. (The Germs Creeper however is more difficult to get rid of...)

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