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Mage Wars Arena: Forcemaster vs Warlord Expansion Set

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Arcane Wonders
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Number of Players 2
Playtime 90 Min
Suggested Ages 13+
Designer(s) Bryan Pope, Benjamin Pope
Publisher Arcane Wonders
Base Game Mage Wars Arena

Mage Wars: Forcemaster vs. Warlord is the first two-mage expansion set for Mage Wars, focusing on two schools of magic not emphasized in the core set: the War School and the Mind School.

The Warlord is a master of the art of War, trained in both the Earth and War schools of magic. Strong soldiers bend to his every wish, goblin minions construct siege towers and manufacture devastating demolitions, and his retinue of legendary warriors follow him wherever he goes. The Warlord is first and foremost a commander of soldiers. He summons humanoid soldiers to do his bidding, then calls upon the power of Akiro, God of War, to gift his troops favor in battle.

The Forcemaster is a master of mind magic and telekinetic force. With her keen intellect and supreme control over telekinesis she is able to manipulate the world around her. She is more of a solo warrior, but her powers more than make up for her lack of creature support. All battles are won in the mind first, and the Forcemaster has the greatest mind of them all.

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