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Luxor: The Mummy's Curse

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Queen Games
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Number of Players 2-5
Playtime 45 Min
Suggested Ages 8+
Designer(s) Rüdiger Dorn
Publisher Queen Games
Base Game Luxor

The temple of Luxor is full with treasure, but is full of danger as well! To succeed, the parties of adventurers need to be equipped better than ever before...

Luxor: The Mummy's Curse includes four different expansion modules that can be combined in any combination with the Luxor base game. It also contains the necessary pieces to play with five players. The modules give the players special powers, unique starting hands, and new ways to collect sets of treasures. Most important of all, it contains a cursed mummy that players must avoid lest they suffer the consequences. In more detail, the modules are:

The Mummy: An ancient cursed mummy has woken and is not amused at the adventurers trespassing on her temple. Whenever an Osiris card is played by a player, the mummy moves forward as many spaces as the number of eyes on the card. Any adventurer she lands on or passes through falls into a deep slumber and can only be woken up by spending an activation. The player controlling the mummy will receive Talisman tokens that grant them a one-time special ability.

Equipment: Players pick their starting hands from five of seven equipment cards. Once played, the equipment cards are discarded as normal and will be mixed into the deck. Each equipment card is a variation of the normal movement cards and allows players to choose a beginning strategy.

New Treasures: A fourth treasure type is added to the game, together with new rules for set collection.

Special Adventurers: Each player picks one of eight special abilities that are unique to them for the entire game.

The Base Game, Luxor, is required for play

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