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Ligretto Kids

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Schmidt Spiele
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Number of Players 2-5
Playtime 10-15 Min
Suggested Ages 4+
Designer(s) -
Publisher Schmidt Spiele

A kids' version of the well-known card game. Cards come in 5 different colours for up to 5 players, with animals (tiger , elephant, parrot, monkey and crocodile) instead of numbers. Players will have to draw the top card from their deck and place it on one of the center piles, but can only do so if the animal, or the colour (or both) matches.

Even though the game is officially from 5 years ago, the rules also comes with a simplified version which plays well with 4 year-olds. In that variant, everybody has their own pile and can put non-matching cards aside for later use.

The game is easy enough to learn, even for smaller kids, and even as an adult you will not easily get bored.

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