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LEGO Minifigure Faces 1000 Piece Puzzle

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Chronicle Books
Number of Pieces 1,000
Difficulty Intermediate
Completed Measurements 25.0" x 20.0"
Artist -
Publisher Chronicle Books

This imaginative 1000-piece puzzle comes together to display a special collection of LEGO® minifigure expressions. Minifigures have feelings as well—happy and hopeful, confused and surprised, silly . . . and puzzled! Now you can collect your favorite iconic LEGO® minifigures in a whole other way!

  • MINIFIGURES ARE AT THE HEART OF THE LEGO® BRAND: The minifigure—the simple yellow character found in LEGO creations—has become a global icon. In this puzzle, minifigures get a starring role.
  • A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY FOR LEGO FUN: If you enjoy both LEGO minifigures and puzzles, don’t miss this opportunity to combine the two!
  • A BROAD APPEAL: This jigsaw puzzle is great for all types of LEGO fans—from longtime LEGO builders to casual fans to parents sharing their love of the brand with their children
  • EXCELLENT FAMILY ACTIVITY: AFOLs (adult fans of LEGO) and kids nine years and older will enjoy putting this puzzle together on game night or any occasion
  • COMES WITH: 1000 puzzle pieces, 25 x 20 inch puzzle when built, 11 x 9 x 2 inch box, and a full color printout of puzzle image
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