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Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game - Marvel Studios' Guardians of the Galaxy

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Upper Deck
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Number of Players 1-5
Playtime 30-60 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Devin Low
Publisher Upper Deck Entertainment
Base Game Legendary: A Marvel Deck Building Game

In space, rule of law is more of a loose guideline, so someone has to guard the galaxy. As your adventure unfolds, recruit the well-meaning but often questionable methods of the Guardians of the Galaxy to fight by your side against galactic threats, like Ronan the Accuser! This new exciting Marvel Cinematic Universe Legendary expansion contains characters from the first and second Guardians of the Galaxy movies. Travel across the Legendary cosmos with these mighty misfits in your hand.

This expansion comes with 5 Heroes, 2 new Masterminds and Villain groups and requires a Marvel Legendary Core Set to play. This expansion is perfect to join the Marvel Studios Phase 1 Base Set.

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