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Le Havre

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Lookout Games
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Number of Players 1-5
Playtime 30-150 Min
Suggested Ages 12+
Designer(s) Uwe Rosenberg
Publisher Lookout Games

In Le Havre, a player's turn contains two parts: First, distribute newly supplied goods onto the offer spaces; followed by taking an action. As an action, players can pick to take all goods of one type from an offer space or to use one of the available buildings. Building actions lets players upgrade goods, sell them or use them to build their own buildings and ships. Buildings are both an investment opportunity and a revenue source, as players must pay an entry fee to use buildings that they do not own. Ships, on the other hand, are mainly used to provide the food that is needed to feed the workers. After seven turns, the round ends: players' cattle and grain might multiply through a Harvest, and players must feed their workers. After a set number of rounds, each player can carry out one final action, and then the game finishes. Players score the value of their buildings and ships to their cash reserves. The player who has the largest amount is the winner.

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