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Number of Players 3-6
Playtime 15 Min
Suggested Ages 9+
Designer(s) Jun Sasaki
Publisher IELLO

Kobayakawa is a game of bluffing and deduction, and the person that ends up with the highest numbered card wins the round. In this stylish new game from Jun Sasaki, components are kept to a minimum - there are only 15 cards and a handful of crest tokens.

Players each start with a random card in their hand, and the rest is put in a pile at the center of the table with the first card flipped face up (this card is called the Kobayakawa).

The rules are simple: Each round, players will take a turn and either discard their card face up in front of them and take a new one from the deck, or turn a card from the deck to replace the current Kobayakawa. After each player has taken a turn, they will each decide if they want to compete for this round by putting a crest token on their card. Players that decided to compete will then all reveal their card at once and compare their number.

The player with the highest number wins, but the player with the smallest numbered card also adds the number of the current Kobayakawa on top of it.


  • Kobayakawa: 8
  • Player A: 9
  • Player B: Pass
  • Player C: 15
  • Player D: 12

Player C has the highest card value (15), but Player A is declared the winner as the sum of the lowest card and the Kobayakawa is 17.

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