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Kingdomino: Age of Giants

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Blue Orange Games
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Number of Players 2-5
Playtime 15-20 Min
Suggested Ages 8+
Designer(s) Bruno Cathala
Publisher Blue Orange Games
Base Game Kingdomino

The giants have entered Kingdomino! And they will crush all your precious buildings if you can't discover a way to send them off to one of your opponents' kingdoms. Kingdomino: Age of Giants is an expansion that needs either Kingdomino or Queendomino to play. This expansion brings new dominoes, new giant tokens, new challenge tiles, and additional components to let a 5th player join the game. The new dominoes are combined in with those from the base game. If, on your turn, you add a domino with a giant on it to your kingdom, then you must also add a giant token, covering up any one crown of your choice in your kingdom. If you add a tile with footsteps to your kingdom, then you get to take away a giant token from your kingdom and give it to an opponent, who then covers up a crown in their own kingdom. Covered crowns do not score points at games end. Traditional end-of-game bonuses are also removed. Instead, before the beginning of each game, two challenge tiles are drawn. These give additional ways to earn points. For example, get 5 bonus points for every lake tile that surrounds your castle or get 20 bonus points if your castle is located in one of the four corners of your kingdom.

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