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King of Tokyo/New York: Monster Pack – Cybertooth

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Number of Players 2-6
Playtime 30 Min
Suggested Ages 8+
Designer(s) Richard Garfield
Publisher IELLO
Base Game King of Tokyo

A roaring howl with metallic intonations shatters all the windows of the surrounding buildings! The shock wave makes a huge wave that falls onto the bay. At the center of chaos, in a crash of titanium and iridium, Cybertooth has just entered the arena!
Explore an amazing new Monster Pack that will literally transform your King of Tokyo and King of New York games! Cybertooth is a formidable giant robot that transforms at will into fierce tiger with metal saber teeth, as vicious as unpredictable. Each form has unique evolutions and powers, offensive and defensive, for an intense gameplay.

Berserk: new game mechanic!

The Monster Pack Cybertooth also brings a new game mechanic, compatible with all existing monsters: the Berserk mode! Now, when you get 4 or more smashes, your monster goes into uncontrollable fury and rolls the Berserk Special Dice in addition to the other dice.

A Berserker monster creates more damage, but it may also harm itself! And as long as it is in this state of complete rage, it can not heal! Do you dare to turn on this furiously fun mode when you start the game?


  • 1 Cybertooth Monster board
  • 2 cardboard figures + stands
  • 1 Berserk die
  • 6 Berserk tokens
  • 1 Transformation card
  • 8 Evolution cards for King of Tokyo
  • 8 Evolution cards for King of New York
  • 1 rule sheet
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