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K2: Lhotse

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Rebel Spiele
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Number of Players 1-5
Playtime 30-60 Min
Suggested Ages 8+
Designer(s) Adam Kałuża
Publisher Rebel Spiele
Base Game K2

"Lhotse" translates into "the southern peak" in the Tibetan language. The southern wall of Lhotse is over 3,000 meters of a very steep and hazardous climb. Many great mountaineers have been beat by the peak. Are you up for this challenge?

K2: Lhotse is an expansion for K2 in which the players' task is to lead the team of two climbers as close as possible to the summit. The expansion comes with an alternative, two-sided board and new weather tiles. K2: Lhotse also adds a completely new mechanics - fixed rope tokens which allow you to set your own routes. Each side of the board provides a different scenario and a different challenge.

The first scenario is a demanding and strategic battle against time and weather. The board displaying the southern wall is divided not only by height, but also into three vertical sectors, dividing it into the eastern, central and western parts. The new set of weather tiles shows a different aura depending on the sector. The player's toolkit has been enriched with fixed rope tokens thanks to which players will be able to create new routes between the already known ones. These ropes will make for more efficient escape from bad weather or deadly landslides.

The second scenario is a quick race to the top of Lhotse from the safer side, the southern pass, which is also the easiest way to Mount Everest. Players will have fewer cards to use, as they will have to discard 3 of them at the start. However the better the cards they discard, the more extra victory points they receive at the end of the game! Additionally in this scenario time becomes even more important: the climb will last only 15 days, so players will have to hurry up their way to the top.

You need a copy of K2 in order to play K2: Lhotse.

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