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K2: Broad Peak

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Rebel Spiele
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Number of Players 1-5
Playtime 30-60 Min
Suggested Ages 8+
Designer(s) Adam Kałuża
Publisher Rebel Spiele
Base Game K2

K2: Broad Peak is an expansion for the mountain-climbing game K2 that comes with a double-sided game board, tokens and new rules. The game board features the twelfth-highest mountain in the world, once known as "K3" and now typically called "Broad Peak" due to the length of its summit.

Broad Peak provides two very different challenges to undertake, which are based on the historical achievements of Polish mountaineers on Broad Peak in 1984. Each challenge has their own game boards and rule changes to make them individual game experiences.

The first challenge is "Race to the Top", a quick and thrilling game where the game lasts three fewer days than normal, players have no tents, and the deck contains fewer acclimatization cards. Also, the board just has fewer spots to climb, so watch your step!

The second challenge is "Traverse of Broad Peaks", which is much more strategic and a little longer than the base game. The board shows three tops of Broad Peak and mountaineers can earn additional victory points for traversing all of the mountain and for reaching the top of all three peaks – which is very difficult to do, especially since the mountaineers have only one tent with them.

You will need a copy of K2 in order to play K2: Broad Peak.

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