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Number of Players 2-5
Playtime 45-60 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Cory Goff, Kevin Crosby
Publisher WizKids

Jinja is colorful worker placement game consisting of building shrines across Japan. You must place workers at certain locations around Japan to activate one of thirteen different actions or build at one of seven different territories. To gain the highest honor, you must plan your strategy, time your construction, and be a bit lucky. Jinja offers evocative illustrations and high-quality components, including custom plastic miniatures representing the shrines, painted meeples to represent the workers, screen printed score trackers, and a custom multi-color Mask die.

The game board is an illustrated map of Japan split into territories with a limited number of temple sites. Over five seasons, players place workers on one of the thirteen actions or seven territories as they work towards their different goals. Building a Shrine gives honor and special abilities

Jinja brings replayability with variable goals and events. Omikuji, or "fortunes," are secret objectives that score you bonus points if your shrines are on key locations. Kitsune cards are randomly selected for each game, providing different discounts, bonuses, and abilities that change with the seasons.

During the game you can exchange deed cards for territory, leave it up to luck by rolling the mask die for bonuses, and revisit your territories to build up your resource supply. At the end of the game, players also receive bonuses for having the most shrines in each region.

With its beautiful art, stunning table presence, and complex yet accessible thematic gameplay, Jinja is sure to be a game night hit.

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