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Island Siege: Second Edition

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APE Games
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Number of Players 1-4
Playtime 12-48 Min
Suggested Ages 14+
Designer(s) Dan Manfredini
Publisher APE Games

Island Siege is a fast-playing game of fort-building and colonization set in the Caribbean Sea. Players will build shoreside forts to defend their colonists from attack and to score points. Forts allow you to put colonists in play, which in turn can safely construct ships and buildings which provide abilities and points. Attacking allows you to chip away at your opponent's fort while collecting cubes which are used to build forts of your own. Your goal is to get 20 coins or get all of your colonists in play!

The Second Edition of Island Siege contains:

Rules and components for up to four players! The original two-player game yellow and red, the Anniversary Edition adds green and blue colonists as well as additional cubes, coins, and other components necessary for four players.

The Ramparts and Coquina expansions from the first edition are now included with the base game.

Deluxe two-layer player imperial boards. The new imperial boards includes an island with a port to dock your ship and a quarry to store accumulated stones. The boards are printed on thick cardboard. Indentations in the boards keep pieces from shifting.

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