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In Too Deep (Preorder)

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Burnt Island Games

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Number of Players 1-4
Playtime 60-90 Min
Suggested Ages 13+
Designer(s) Josh Cappel, Daryl Chow
Publisher Burnt Island Games

In Too Deep is a unique, narrative that thrusts you into the future in a tense, strategic board game for up to 4 players. Draft characters and spend actions to fulfill objectives and collect sets. Which side of the law will you end up on?

It's the year 2087, central governments have fallen. What remains are fragmented city-states like New Dawn City, struggling to keep the chaos at bay. The sinister Syndicate targets these weakened cities for domination by usurping, organizing, and enhancing existing criminal elements. In the world of In Too Deep, you are part of a secret organization dedicated to stopping the Syndicate at all costs.

Cybernetic implants give Syndicate operatives a technological advantage, but you have identified a way to exploit that power. By infiltrating their cerebral upgrades, you can take control of these criminals. Going deep undercover into the minds of your targets, you’ll coordinate crimes of escalating seriousness to get your hands on the evidence needed to foil the Syndicate’s looming plot.

Every turn, you can hook into a new criminal and manipulate their activities throughout the city, accessing powerful skills and increased stamina as you grow familiar with their minds. Your physical body is in a secret lab located far from the actual action, but you are by no means safe. Entering the minds of these criminals takes its toll on your morality.

Orchestrate crimes, strive to put the information you obtain to the best use, wrestle with dangerously corrupting dilemmas, and try to hold yourself together. It will take everything you have to avoid going In Too Deep.

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