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Ierusalem: Anno Domini

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Number of Players 1-4
Playtime 90 Min
Suggested Ages 12+
Designer(s) Carmen García Jiménez
Publisher Devir

Jerusalem, spring 33 AD: A crowd gathers at the city gates to welcome Jesus of Nazareth as he gets ready to celebrate the Passover seder with his apostles and followers. With a revolutionary message, he has gained supporters everywhere but also looks of suspicion among religious authorities. The Last Supper will be celebrated soon, and the fate of one of the most influential characters in human history will be sealed.

In Jerusalem: Anno Domini, you represent one of the communities of followers of Jesus of Nazareth who, coming to Jerusalem from nearby towns and villages, want to approach the place of the Last Supper and position ourselves as close as possible to the seats of Jesus and his apostles. The closer you are, the more points you earn at game's end. You also score for offering tokens and parable tiles you have accumulated.

Different locations are shown on the board: the desert, the market, the mountain, the lake, and the temple. After sending our followers to one of these locations, you obtain stones, bread, and fish, as well as denarii or cards that allow us to do more than one action. Among these actions, players can pick between listening to a parable, going to the table, changing seats, or doing a favor, among other things. All this occurs while the patience of the Sanhedrin runs out. When this occurs, as symbolized by a tile moving in a marker, the endgame is triggered.

However, the primary element of the game is the cards. Every card has a symbol corresponding to one of five key locations in the game. As you play them, you form combinations that allow you to bring the apostles to the table of the Last Supper. The optimal placement of the followers around Jesus and the apostles will also be done through the management of letters, as well as various resources at your disposal.

Behind a very immersive theme, Ierusalem: Anno Domini will not disappoint lovers of a good challenge. Players will have a wide range of possibilities at their fingertips and multiple ways to earn points. Preparing the best strategies to get the most from your followers will be one of the keys to victory. Devout gamers do no't need to look further: Here's your game!

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