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Hostage Negotiator: Abductor Pack 1

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Van Ryder Games
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Number of Players 1
Playtime 10-30 Min
Suggested Ages 15+
Designer(s) A.J Porfirio
Publisher Van Ryder Games
Base Game Hostage Negotiator

Connor E. Ogden, aka "The CEO" watched as his company's stock took a nosedive. After being informed by the board of directors that he is being asked to step down, he decided to take matters into his own hands. Now he has Hostages at gunpoint and is demanding that everything goes back to the way they were. In this exciting expansion pack for Hostage Negotiator, you'll have access to a source on the inside. A Hostage has found a way to talk with you. Will you be able to make the most of this source and bring the situation to a peaceful resolution?

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